I'm Sebastian....

An aspiring author, Indie game developer & hobbyist photographer/ digital artist.

My Goals

My personal goals involve the creation of Larger scale multimedia Narrative Projects.

Along with this project goal I also have the moral goal of helping others to the best of my abilities.

Who Am I

Hello! I'm Sebastian, an indie game developer and storyteller in the making. Striving for improvement is my daily objective, and I believe in helping others to the fullest, even if it means putting myself on the back burner.

My Writing Portfolio

Explore a selection of my writing below.

Magic book Series idea

"A book series about a school that teaches magic and how to hide it from the world, along with manipulating history to remove knowledge of magic. (Because it is revealed later that performing it without the proper traits is problematic due to it physically consuming its users if they don't have the actual capacity to store the energy. So, if you get people to perform a ritual together without having proper qualifications, you'd get a virtual explosion of blood, guts, and gore.)"

Epic mega Jam game ideas

First note a story in a future setting that has become outdated and thus Antiquated or old and out of date which is a contradiction with the general expectations for a future.

A world that has stagnated and become antiquated maybe even culturally reverting

Potential duality between an future and antiquity

The story unfolds in a future Earth plagued by a severe resource crisis. Governments worldwide have implemented a system known as the "Nexus," a colossal network that taps into predictive al

Magic game concept

They say everything In the world can be understood with time, that science can explain everything.
But I know that to be a lie, a delusion used to comfort the masses.

After that disaster last year took away everything from me I became convinced of that.
And since then the world's felt different. I'd tried to put my life together and start at a new school across the country, but the echoes of that disaster still follow me, and I find myself bearing witness to a world I'd never thought possible.

As I find myself in another world, I document my journey so far in this diary so that I don't lose touch of myself.
While I learn to master this power I've awakened.

(scrapped) Rose chronicles act 1 Lucius (original version)

The storm was raging outside as I sat in the basement, looking out the small window, hoping to
catch someone's attention to save me. I was trapped, alone, and scared. The rain was pouring
down, and the thunder and lightning were relentless. Suddenly, I saw something that made my
heart race. It was a figure running down the street, covered in what looked like blood. The
person was completely naked, and their eyes were glowing with an eerie light.

A good story shares an idea, A great story captures an idea and creates an emotion.

My personal philosophy on writing and the power of stories